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Darlings in Dresses: Support Dressember

The heart of Dressember is dignity for all women. The heart of Dressember is freedom – that every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life.

Dressember is a collaborative movement utilizing fashion and creativity to advocate for the freedom and restoration of women. It began as a style challenge, and in just four years, it became a fundraising campaign opposing the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of women. It’s bigger than just a dress. It’s about reclaiming femininity, dignity, and true beauty.

Darlings in Dresses: Why We’re Doing It

Megan and I are so excited for this cause, this campaign, and a whole month of wearing dresses! God has given us hearts for women, and it’s evident in the mission of this blog and the mission of our boutique.

Jesus came to restore ALL things. Jesus came to make ALL things new. Jesus restored us. God transformed our perspectives on clothing, body image, and true beauty over the past years. He transformed the way we dress, teaching us to embrace modesty, style, and femininity in a new way. He taught us the power of women connecting around style, dignity, and our identity in Christ.

We’re participating in Dressember because we believe in the collective voice of justice it declares. We believe God is working in and through us to share His redeeming and restoring love to women through fashion. And yes, we also happen to love wearing dresses.

Let’s dress for the restoration of dignity for all women. Because it’s a light of Christ’s love in a dark world.

Join us! How? It’s simple.

  1. Wear a dress! Share a pic of your own Dressember style on Instagram with #darlingsindresses.
  2. Join us in giving! Donate on our team page to support this amazing cause. Give back this holiday season in a new way.
  3. Share our page on social media, or send an email to friends and family you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to our page.

Thank you for joining us, darlings!

darlings in dresses

The 31 Days of Dresses Rules

Can it only be a dress? Yes.
Do you need to wear a dress at all times (aka to the gym or work)? If your daily activities require you do not wear a dress, then, no, you do not need to wear a dress. But whenever you get to choose what you wear, pick up that dress!

Have FUN. Get creative. Feel beautifully feminine. Twirl. Dance. Wear red lipstick. Get on your social media and join our movement with #darlingsindresses. Donate to our team page, and give back this holiday season in a new way.

Follow Linnea and Megan on Instagram to see how they rock their own Dressember style!

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