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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.

The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

Darling, You've Got Style: Swimsuit Edition

Linnea White


The high-waisted, retro swimwear of the 1950's is back in full swing this summer. And we love it! Over the past few years, Meg and I have been transformed. By the grace of God, through His infinite mercy and love, we each individually embarked on a journey of restoration - restoration of beauty, dignity, and femininity. And we met somewhere along the way. One of Darling's core values is to empower women through fashion, to restore true beauty - something we believe in because we personally have experienced this beautiful restoration.

We love women like Jessica Rey, who saw something in the fashion industry discordant with her faith and created an alternative. Her talk "The Evolution of the Swimsuit" created quite a buzz about modesty in fashion, when Rey asked "Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?" Rey passionately promotes swimwear via her line Rey Swimwear that embraces modesty in an oh-so-adorable and ethically produced way.

Within the construct of modesty, there is a freedom—that modesty isn't about covering up what's bad, but about revealing dignity.

Meg and I have been sporting high-waisted two pieces and one pieces for the past few summers, and it's never been about covering up or trying to hide our femininity. We choose to embrace modesty to encounter freedom. And to be freaking adorable in a retro style swimsuit. That vintage glamour, ya'll. #beachfabulous

Brands like ASOS, Modcloth, Loft, Anthropologie, and J. Crew are following the modest swimwear trend. Get inspired below with all the cute swimwear Pinterest has to offer!

The Two Piece





J. Crew

The One Piece





J. Crew


Need more inspiration? Just hop on over to Pinterest and search for “tan leather tote style.” It’s all over the fashion blogosphere! 

Darling, You’ve Got Style is a style tips and tricks series on the blog. Learn fun ways to pattern play and color combine. Get answers to those pesky questions about booties and belts and bra straps.

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