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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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Counter-Culture, Consumption, and a Secondhand Solution

Linnea White

We're excited to share this style collaboration with local ethical blogger, Leah Wise of Style Wise Blog. We finally got to explore together why we believe in the secondhand solution! "We thought it would be fun to show how shopping ethically through secondhand purchases can result in creative, bright, offbeat style that runs counter to the current neutral-minimalist aesthetic. There is room for everyone in this movement." - via Leah's full post on her blog

Check out all the shots below by Tristan Williams of our collaboration with Leah, and be sure to check out her blog! It's an incredible resource for all things ethical and sustainable consuming. I've loved getting to know Leah, and learning so much from her, including our conversation on Earth Day of conscious consuming and Fashion Revolution Week.

We love this quote from Leah about secondhand shopping:

"At the end of the day, we are all responsible for making our own decisions, and we really can't hold other people accountable for how we decide to prioritize ethical credentials. But secondhand makes a lot of sense! It's abundant; readily available at consignment shops, thrift stores, swaps, and online marketplaces; and helps us refuse to buy into the idea that all purchases must be overtly entwined in our moral decision making. Secondhand shopping is smart and eco-friendly, yes, but it is, above all, pragmatic."

Read Leah's full post over on her blog - Style Wise.

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled byLinnea White, shop owner, in collaboration with Leah Wise of Style Wise / Modeled by Leah // Photography by Tristan Williams

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

Secondhand Solution | Photo by Tristan Williams

An Earth Day Conversation on Conscious Consuming

Linnea White

Happy Earth Day, darlings! Stop and smell the flowers - and the #fashionrevolution - today. Take some time to educate yourself on the benefits of slow fashion, of supporting sustainable fashion companies and practices (like shopping consignment!). We spent some time chatting with Leah Wise of the Style Wise Blog today at Common House for an Earth Day Conversation on Conscious Consuming. Check it out!

Conscious Consuming

We love this “Journey of a Shirt” clothing education tool created by @stylewiseblog - so simple yet effective! ♻♻♻

Changing the world starts with YOU! ✨


Mobile users can access the video here.