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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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National Ice Cream Day: Retro Style

Linnea White

I love ice cream. A lot. And I don't need a national holiday like National Ice Cream Day (July 16, everyone) to eat ice cream, but I absolutely will use the important holiday as an excuse to style another outfit featuring amazing #darlingfinds. This retro style inspiration is perfect for a Sunday afternoon eating ice cream, right?

Call it the new pink in my white hair, or the fact that this Summer heat has me going a little cray, but this outfit inspiration was pretty much a shout out to the bombshells of the 40's and 50's. I can only dream of having the charisma and style of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, but I'll keep dreaming and styling in their honor.

This vintage bag started the retro outfit inspiration. And these gingham high-waisted pants were perfect for a little classic white button up tied at the waist. Add a pair of clogs or mules for a classic retro edge, a hot pink lip (locally made by Kitsune's Closet), and whimsical pinwheel earrings locally made by Emily Warden Designs, and this outfit is ready to hit the town - (extremely melted) ice cream in hand.

Special shout out to Chap's Ice Cream for the yummy treat, and cute backdrop. And props to Davines deep conditioner and the ladies of The Honeycomb for this new pink hair.

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: J. Crew "Boy" button up, size 4, $26 / Loft gingham pants, size 8, $22 / Old Navy clogs, size 9, $10 / Vintage bag, $40 // Sunglasses, $20 // Locally-made pieces: Emily Warden Designs opal ring, $48, and pinwheel earrings, $58 / Thicket stacking ring sterling silver, $12, and bar studs, $32

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

How to Wear Booties in the Summer: Cool Kid Status

Linnea White

I call this The Wall Flower OOTD. Cuz it's literally floral and on a wall. But it's also what I'd imagine a super cool wall flower would look like. And this OOTD also teaches you how to wear booties in the Summer.

This outfit is really all about the 'tude. A pair of floral Free People shorts and this stunning cream blouse by Anthropologie could look so feminine and delicate. But I didn't want to style them that way. Cuz what's the fun in doing what's expected (especially with style)? Instead, I took what look like delicate pieces, and styled them for the bad girl - The Wall Flower. The circle sunnies and stacking chokers and Aztec earring jackets give this look a rocker vibe, taking it from sweet to sassy.

And what's really important is how to wear your favorite booties in the Summer. Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you can't rock a pair of booties! Especially with the right outfit! Booties look great with shorts from romping around in the Summer, and they especially can give a sundress a totally different vibe than all those sandals and wedges you've been wearing. Try it out. Just make sure you wear a good pair of sweat-wicking socks. You'll be glad you did.

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Dolce Vita (Anthropologie) blouse, size XS (sold) / Free People shorts, size 4 (sold) / Rag & Bone booties, size 39 (sold) / Sunglasses, $20 // Locally-made pieces: Free Range & Feral brass stacking chokers, $24 each, howlite ear jackets, $32 / Thicket bar studs, $32

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Mother-Daughter Style for Mother's Day

Linnea White

"Empowered women empower women." I am deeply passionate about this - it is a mantra in my life, for my shop, for how I see and interact with other women. And it's also an anthem for Mother's Day. Because who taught us more about confidence, beauty, grace, style, and passion than our very own momma? And today, it's all about loving on my momma in this special Mother-Daughter style post, featuring my gorgeous momma.

Behind the Mother-Daughter Style

I'm not gonna lie. She didn't want to do this. Unlike her ENFP youngest daughter who rather enjoys style shoots and being in front of the camera (that would be me), she is not someone who enjoys being in front of the camera. But I made her do it. I guess pouting still works, even at 28!

Styling my mom for this shoot was my first priority, and I had so much fun doing it. I wanted her to feel beautiful in what she was wearing, and comfortable in it, too.

My mom is Super Mom. She homeschooled all four of us kids growing up, while working part-time. Once we were either out of the nest or in high school, she went into education and began a career working for Special Education Pre-School students in Virginia Beach City Schools. (Like I said, she's Super Mom.) She's also been an avid runner, something she picked up because her children drove her out the door and onto the streets with pitchforks. Just kidding. But she did start running after starting a family (a.k.a. having multiple children) for some much needed private time. And now, several Boston Marathons later, she's the freaking Energizer Bunny. I have a dream to run a marathon with my mom one day...

But I'll keep dreaming for now, and get back to the styling!

I styled her outfit first, since she was really what it was all about. Then I worked on finding an outfit that would compliment her own. And these dresses ended up pairing perfectly together, anchored together with navy, and both shifty in style. And I loved finding jewelry she would love, and that naturally already went with her style (like those amazing bracelets she's been wearing for as long as I can remember).

I was so happy she loved her outfit - so much so that she bought the dress, boots, and necklace! I'd say that was some successful styling.

I Love You, Mom

Mom, it was an honor to style you. Thanks for getting in front of the camera with me. Thank you for supporting me endlessly, loving me deeply and honestly, and for always, always being there for me - for a long talk on the phone, for a prayer request, for a good cry, for a good belly laugh, for a good glass of wine, for a home-baked sweet-tooth fix. You'll always be Super Mom in my eyes. Happy Mother's Day!

How does your mom inspire & empower you, darling?

Styled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Modeled by Linnea & her mom, Cindy // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Loft dress (sold) / Jeffery Campbell heels (sold) // Locally-made pieces: Little Paper Crane tiny shield necklace, $28 / Kitsune’s Closet Poppy lipstick, $12 | On Cindy | Secondhand pieces: Free People dress (sold) / Frye boots (sold) // Locally-made pieces: Little Paper Crane radiance brass earrings, $28, and lapis necklace, $28

Special thanks to Della of Cville Blooms for these beautiful flowers! Contact Della to get your momma her own bouquet of pretty flowers for Mother's Day!

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Spring Style for All the Darlings

Linnea White

Every woman deserves to feel truly beautiful. Every darling gal is ALL together beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. This blog and this little shop believe this fiercely. We are passionate about carrying curated consignment and locally made goods for every woman, and for all sizes. So here's a little Spring style for ALL the darlings.

This #darlinggal, Erin O'Hare, is one of my favorites. She has been consigning at Darling since the beginning, almost 5 years ago now. Her vintage-inspired, whimsical, playful, and so adorable style has always inspired me. She rocks a vintage dress and pair of clogs like no other, and she always knows how to flatter her (va-va-voom) silhouette. I can't speak highly enough of how I love this girl, and her personal style. She is insanely sweet, deeply caring, and boldly beautiful.

On Erin | Secondhand pieces: Gap dress, size 12, $22 / Lucky Brand jean jacket, M, $28 // Local Artisan pieces: Pip's & Co. earrings, $12 // From Erin’s Closet: Lotta from Stockholm clogs

Styled byLinnea White, Owner / Photography by Tristan Williams

But my heart always drops when Erin comes into the shop, has store credit to use from her own consignment, and can only spend it on accessories. I want her to find all the cute dresses, tops, and pants in her size, but the truth is, I don't always have it. And it's time for that to change!

I am deeply passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength and confidence through fashion. And I need the ladies of Charlottesville to support this desire, to feel equally passionate about confidence-boosting and inclusivity, and to help Darling create a curated collection of beautiful clothing and accessories in a variety of sizes.

Please mention when scheduling a consignment appointment if this applies to you! We want every woman to consign and shop at Darling --- because every darling gal is altogether beautiful!

Email to schedule a consignment appointment today!

Spring Style Trends, Part 2: Gingham Get-ups

Linnea White

From off-the-shoulder tops and wide leg pants, to gingham get-ups and slide sandals, we're talking about Spring Style Trends on the blog, showcasing how you can rock the latest trends AND shop secondhand at the same time.

Gingham is back this Spring in a big way, and when this made in Korea gingham shirtdress came in to the shop, I knew it needed to be featured. Slides (and mules) are also trending this season, and these white slide sandals added a bit of chill to this otherwise buttoned up look.

And what's better than a pair of statement sunnies for finishing a head-to-toe look? These Twiggy-inspired sunnies are so over-the-top, they actually work. And looking like a bug is also super big this season, just FYI/ICYMI, so why the heck not?

I call this my Iris Apfel-inspired look, or my fly-on-the-wall look. Either way, it's effortlessly cool, and insanely comfy - a combo I can fully support. Especially for the weekend, and this outfit is owning all the weekend vibes, right down to the people watching and window lounging.

How are you rocking gingham this Spring, darling?

P.S. As I mentioned before, this is my new hair cut, and it's just so good. Who else feels like a fresh chop in the Springtime is the BEST?!

Gingham Shirtdress | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Made in Korea gingham shirtdress, XL, $14 (sold!) / Espace slide sandals, 8 1/2, $32 / Sunglasses, $20 // Locally-made pieces: Lunaria Handcrafted sugilite cube earrings, $18 / Kitsune’s Closet Poppy red lipstick, $12

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

This was a first! Nothing like getting a picture snapped by a passerby who loved the shot Tristan had set up! #paparazzi #truestreetstyle