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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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Electric Feel: Finding Your Power Dress & Power Color

Linnea White

Today, we're talking about the Power Dress and finding your Power Color, because #friyay. This may be one of my favorite shoots to date with Tristan, and it's mostly because of this dress - which might have definitely gone home with me the same day. The mood and joy he captured of me in this dress is exactly why it went home with me. And exactly why it is my Power Dress.

The Power Dress

When you find YOUR Power Dress, you just know. It makes you feel electric, charged with confidence and beauty, strength and joy. And that's how this dress made me feel - a true form of myself. This pattern is what I think my insides look like. (That sounded way cooler in my head.) The ruched bodice, flowy fabric, midi hemline, and rich, bold colors paint a beautiful story, evoking whimsy, joy, confidence, grace, elegance, intrigue, and FUN. And those are exactly the words I would use to describe my Power Dress.

Now, when thinking about your Power Dress, what words come to mind? Write them down, ponder them, and then find a dress not that just meets the criteria, but that makes you FEEL that way in the dress.

Finding Your Power Color

There are a thousand articles on how to identify your own personal "Power Colors" based on your skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc., but I like to think style isn't about a specific set of rules. I break the "fashion rules" all the time (like wearing white pants whenever the heck I want to), because when it comes to style, rules are more like guidelines, and it should be an expression of self anyways!

Sure, you can take a quiz to identify your power colors, or go-to colors, or you can just ask yourself a few questions: "What colors do you just love looking at? What colors make you happy? What colors do you look like a certified fox in?" Another good question to ask yourself: "What colors do I buy that I never end up wearing? What colors wash me out?" Just like those Power Dress words, write them down, consider them, and find out what colors you naturally gravitate towards, and complement your personal style. That's your power color.

For me, one of my power colors is electric blue. It's been a favorite color of mine since I was a little girl, and the more vibrant the hue, the more I'm drawn to it. When these shoes and bag came in the same week as this dress, it's like the Power Color was calling me to, saying, "Plug it in and change the world, because you're an electric girl."

Be Boldly BeYOUtiful. Dress Confidently. Chin Up. Walk with Dignity and Strength and Joy.

What's your power dress style, darling? Or, what's your go-to power color? 

Power Dress | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Corrie Lynn Calter (Anthropologie) dress, 6, $70 / J. Crew heels, 9, $68 / Catherine Malandrino purse, $40 / Angel of the North (Anthropologie) sweater, S, $28 // Locally-made pieces: Kitsune’s Closet Be Smoaked fuchsia lipstick, $12, and Be Smoaked fuchsia nail polish, $7.50 / Little Paper Crane lapis necklace, $26

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NYE Outfit: Chic Sparkle to Ring in the New Year

Linnea White

We're one week away from New Year's Eve, and that means it's almost time to count down to midnight and bellow "Old Lang Syne" in that perfect little sparkly NYE outfit with friends and family, ringing in 2017 with good cheer!

What's more perfect for NYE than a little black dress decked out in sequins with the on-trend cold shoulder look. To keep the dress chic (and not overtly sexy), we threw on a classic black trench coat, adding length to an otherwise mini cut. Paired with a colorful pair of pumps and a red lip, side swept hair and simple threader studs, this look is certain catch the eye of a special someone for the midnight smooch.

Thanks to the sparkling lights of the Downtown Mall's Christmas tree for a splendid backdrop! And a little extra tinsel garland just for fun.

We’ve been talking Holiday Style, featuring darling outfits for your holiday party season. What's your favorite way to get snazzy for that soirée? 

NYE Outfit | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled by Linnea White, shop owner // Modeled by Autumn Guckert, darling gal // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Autumn | Secondhand pieces: Aidan sequin dress, 0, $78 / Banana Republic trench coat, M, $58 / J. Crew Etta pumps, 8 1/2, $100 // Locally Made pieces: Dinosaur Toes 14kt gold fill threader earrings, $20 / Kitsune's Closet Darling Red lipstick

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Retro Style: The Capelet

Linnea White

For days when you need just the tiniest coverage for the chilly weather, try a capelet - the silhouette that's a little bit retro style & a lot a bit classy lady. Styling Kerrie, owner and maker babe behind Kitsune's Closet and Darling gal (see her on Mondays at the shop!), was a fun experiment in Mod-meets-Paris. Her natural knack for retro style made this outfit playful, whimsical, and oh-so-chic.

The houndstooth cape mixed with the soft cashmere turtleneck, the sassy Anthropologie mini skirt, and those J. Crew heels came together with Kerrie's own personal flare (like those fishnet tights and that insanely awesome hair color), and, of course, her very own Kitsune's lipstick. Don't forget the locally made vintage button earrings by Pip's & Co. for an added touch.

What do you think of the capelet and this retro styled look? How do you like to mix retro elements into your outfits?

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

On Kerrie | Secondhand pieces: Donna Ricco cape, M, $58 / Ann Taylor cashmere sweater, M, $34 / Maeve Anthropologie skirt, 10, $40 / J. Crew heels, size 6 1/2, $48 / Banana Republic purse, $30 // Local Artisan pieces: Pips & Co. vintage button earrings, $10 / Kitsune’s Closet lipstick, $10

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Styled by Linnea White, Shop Owner /Modeled by Kerrie Pierce, maker of Kitsune's Closet beauty and body products / Photography by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Retro Style | Photo by Tristan Williams