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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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Electric Feel: Finding Your Power Dress & Power Color

Linnea White

Today, we're talking about the Power Dress and finding your Power Color, because #friyay. This may be one of my favorite shoots to date with Tristan, and it's mostly because of this dress - which might have definitely gone home with me the same day. The mood and joy he captured of me in this dress is exactly why it went home with me. And exactly why it is my Power Dress.

The Power Dress

When you find YOUR Power Dress, you just know. It makes you feel electric, charged with confidence and beauty, strength and joy. And that's how this dress made me feel - a true form of myself. This pattern is what I think my insides look like. (That sounded way cooler in my head.) The ruched bodice, flowy fabric, midi hemline, and rich, bold colors paint a beautiful story, evoking whimsy, joy, confidence, grace, elegance, intrigue, and FUN. And those are exactly the words I would use to describe my Power Dress.

Now, when thinking about your Power Dress, what words come to mind? Write them down, ponder them, and then find a dress not that just meets the criteria, but that makes you FEEL that way in the dress.

Finding Your Power Color

There are a thousand articles on how to identify your own personal "Power Colors" based on your skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc., but I like to think style isn't about a specific set of rules. I break the "fashion rules" all the time (like wearing white pants whenever the heck I want to), because when it comes to style, rules are more like guidelines, and it should be an expression of self anyways!

Sure, you can take a quiz to identify your power colors, or go-to colors, or you can just ask yourself a few questions: "What colors do you just love looking at? What colors make you happy? What colors do you look like a certified fox in?" Another good question to ask yourself: "What colors do I buy that I never end up wearing? What colors wash me out?" Just like those Power Dress words, write them down, consider them, and find out what colors you naturally gravitate towards, and complement your personal style. That's your power color.

For me, one of my power colors is electric blue. It's been a favorite color of mine since I was a little girl, and the more vibrant the hue, the more I'm drawn to it. When these shoes and bag came in the same week as this dress, it's like the Power Color was calling me to, saying, "Plug it in and change the world, because you're an electric girl."

Be Boldly BeYOUtiful. Dress Confidently. Chin Up. Walk with Dignity and Strength and Joy.

What's your power dress style, darling? Or, what's your go-to power color? 

Power Dress | Photo by Tristan Williams

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Corrie Lynn Calter (Anthropologie) dress, 6, $70 / J. Crew heels, 9, $68 / Catherine Malandrino purse, $40 / Angel of the North (Anthropologie) sweater, S, $28 // Locally-made pieces: Kitsune’s Closet Be Smoaked fuchsia lipstick, $12, and Be Smoaked fuchsia nail polish, $7.50 / Little Paper Crane lapis necklace, $26

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!


Happy Summer, Y'all: Copper Tones

Linnea White


Summer is officially here, y'all, and I'm beckoning in the hot days ahead with copper tones and top knots, short shorts and screen print tanks. And now that Summer is here, I'm fully embracing coppers, bronzes, brasses, and golds - the warm, sun-kissed hues of Summer. From new metallic shades of nail polish (coming soon to the shop!) to jewelry and accessories, this season, embrace the golden tones of Summer in all their glory. But don't forget your Coppertone (pun intended)!

Currently obsessed with... the list is long, darlings, especially because I'm loving the half-up top knot style with my newly chopped hair. Currently obsessed with the screen print tanks and totes by local artisan Dinosaur Toes at the shop, including this 'Bonjour Y'all' tank. I knotted it in the back for a cropped look with some high-waisted short shorts from Urban Outfitters. Also currently obsessed with the new jewelry from some of our other local artisan - Free Range and Feral and (brand new to the shop!) A Pocket Novel. Those delicate Japanese glass beaded bracelets are perfect for stacking (#armparty, anyone?). And don't even get me started on the new nail polish and lipstick colors from Kitsune's Closet - teaser alert! I personally requested this new fuchsia hue for Summer, coming soon to the shop in lipstick and nail polish.

Grab your sunnies and sunscreen, tanks and top knots, cuz Summer is officially here!

Copper Tones

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: BDG Urban Outfitters high-waisted shorts, $14 / Sseko sandals, $18 / Vogue sunglasses, $22 // Local artisan pieces: Dinosaur Toes 'Bonjour Y'all' screen print tank top, $22 / A Pocket Novel aura bracelets, $16 each, in Dalmatian Jasper (Protection & Healing), Sodalite (Truth & Intuition), and Amazonite (Love & Calm) / Free Range & Feral smoky quartz loop earrings, $38, and necklace, $34 / Kitsune’s Closet fuchsia lipstick and copper nail polish, coming soon to the shop!

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Styled & Modeled by Linnea White / Photography by Megan Tiernan

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Summer Y'all

Playful Patterns | Spring Sunshiny Style

Linnea White


In case you didn't already know by now, we love mixing patterns, and love helping other gals find playful ways to mix patterns. Playful patterns for sunshiny Spring days make the heart sore and beckons in the warmer weather. Because when there's still an early Spring chill in the air, just wear the sunshine!

This outfit began with the burst of yellow in the Postmark blouse from Anthropologie. The buttercup color is one of the many vibrant hues in this season's Pantone Color Report, and brings so much cheer to any outfit. The vibrant colors in the tropical print pants were the perfect match for this boxy, bold top, slimming at the ankle for a lengthening effect. The matching yellow band in the straw hat was too perfect to pass up, making this one darling Spring look to hit the town for just about any outing.

The stunning geometric necklace by one of our newest local artisans in the shop, Little Paper Crane, added the perfect eclectic touch to this whimsical look. And to add a little pop of color to the lip, I grabbed Kitsune Closet's newest creation - a bright, pigmented lip gloss, coming soon to the shop!

Playful Patterns | Photo by Megan Tiernan

On Linnea: Postmark (Anthropologie) top, size XS, $22 / I Love Sadie tropical print pants, size M, $12 / Chinese Laundry white cork wedges, size 8, $20 / Soprattutto Italian made straw hat, $48 Local Artisan Pieces: Little Paper Crane shield necklace, $30 / Kitsune’s Closet lip gloss in Fiesta, coming soon to the shop!

Shop these items and more at Darling Boutique, located on Charlottesville’s downtown mall!

Styled by Linnea White / Photography by Megan Tiernan

Playful Patterns | Photo by Megan Tiernan

Playful Patterns | Photo by Megan Tiernan

Playful Patterns | Photo by Megan Tiernan

Playful Patterns | Photo by Megan Tiernan

Kerrie Pierce of Kitsune's Closet | Our Darlings

Linnea White

Our latest local collaboration is just darling. Kerrie Pierce is the owner and creator behind Kitsune's Closet, a locally made, small batch cosmetics and home goods brand. Her love of vintage is evident in the art decco branding and packaging, and in her own retro personal style. Her balms and lipsticks are currently selling like hot cakes in the shop - especially the Noir Red, a deep, burgundy color perfect for Fall. In this darling shoot with Megan behind the camera, Kerrie is wearing the custom-made "Darling Red" lipstick, coming soon to Darling Boutique! Come shop Coral, Decco Red, and Noir Red, and, coming soon, Poppy Red and our very own Darling Red. Stay tuned for even more of her cosmetics, bath, and body products coming to the shop later this month. The perfect gifts for the holiday season ahead!

Meet Kerrie and find out more about her products in the Q&A below!

Q&A with Kerrie Pierce, Owner & Creator

Photo by Megan TiernanTell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? If not the Charlottesville area, what brought you here?

Originally I’m from Maine. I ended up in Richmond after college (Hollins) and met my husband through mutual friends. We first came to Charlottesville just so he could go back to UVA and finish his engineering degree. We always talked about where we would go after he finished, but we had made some wonderful friends and decided instead of searching for a new city, to search for a home. We live in Belmont now, and are restoring a little bungalow from the early 1920s.

Describe what you do in town.

By day I work at a printing and engraving shop. We engrave and print everything from glassware to i-pads. I work with an engineer so we’re a great balance of left and right brain thinkers. By night and days off I work on goodies for Kitsune’s Closet. I also squeeze in time for knitting, learning cello and practicing yoga. I get twitchy when my hands aren’t busy creating something!

How did you get into the makeup/cosmetology business?

Like many other people doing handmade goods, I got started making things for myself and for friends. Lip balm was the very first product I made for Christmas presents one year. It was a big hit, so I started researching every related topic, ingredients, essential oils, aromatherapy, natural perfumery, when I am interested in a subject I dive in completely!

In 10 words or less, describe Kitsune's Closet... Be creative!

natural ingredients, vintage inspired, one small batch at a time

It's storytime. Talk about your collaboration with Darling Boutique.

I’ve been in Darling many times and always loved the shop (one of my favorite jackets is from there!) and we both happened to be at Fleaville one weekend, across the aisle from each other. We got chatting in between customers about my lip balm and how it might be fun to have it available in the shop. They are genuinely friendly, lovely people, and I admire their aesthetic and support of local artisans. I’m so flattered and excited for my products to be joining their wonderful shop!

How do you stay on top of the latest trends, ingredients, techniques, and products in your trade?

Honestly, the internet! Ingredient supply sites and blogs have endless amounts of information. For inspiration I collect vintage cosmetic ads. I have a great nail polish ad from the 1940’s showing the whole line available at the time, and it has black, yellow, blue and green as well as a huge variety of red, pinks and plums!

Photo by Megan TiernanWhat inspires your products and/or your process?

I love vintage clothing, and when I do dress in vintage I love to have hair and makeup that complete the look! So my cosmetics are vintage inspired with colors popular from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. I have sensitive skin, so my goals are for simple, effective formulas that are as natural as possible and make your skin look and feel great. I also make sure my ingredients are from sources that don’t test on animals.

What are some Fall/Winter makeup products/styles our darlings should know about? Suggest some of your own products for the changing weather.

As fall and winter weather approach humidity levels drop and our skin can start to feel dry. My lip balm and my Rosewater & Aloe or Lavender & Aloe lotion both have oils and butters that help keep skin soft and smooth. You can even start keeping winter skin at bay in the tub with my bath bombs, which also contain skin softening oils for a soothing soak.

What item of Kitsune's Closet makeup can you not leave the house without?

My petal finishing powder. I’m not a morning person and am usually rushing out the door, and a quick dusting makes me feel more ready for the day. I always have a tube or tin of lip balm in my bag.

What's your go-to hairstyle?

My go-to hairstyle is a quick bun, usually with a headband to keep short ends at bay.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as I guess, eclectic vintage nerd? I love funky frames for my glasses, an endless supply of quirky t-shirts, cardigans, jeans and converse sneakers. I also have an affinity for brightly striped socks.When I have the chance to wear vintage I love seamed stockings, an awesome dress, a piece of vintage jewelry and some actual vintage or reproduction vintage heels.

Any products (your own or other) you swear by?

Special Effects hair dye. I can’t have my signature pink streaks without it! It comes in an amazing selection of crazy colors and stays bright for ages.

Where can someone find your products (besides Darling Boutique!)? or

Any exciting projects/collaborations coming up?

I just finished some really fun lipsticks and nail polishes for Halloween! I have an eye shadow collection in the works, and am always plotting more colors for lipsticks and nail polishes.


Pip's & Co | Our Darlings

Linnea White

Old is new. The Darling Boutique consignment motto perfectly matched with the concept behind our newest local artisan collaboration. Pip's & Co is a local company that makes things out of old, vintage goods. Each piece is uniquely crafted by owner Mihaela Law, from vintage buttons to leather and fabrics. We immediately loved the aesthetic of Miha's creations, and new she would be a great fit for Darling Boutique. See how we've styled her jewelry here, here, & here, and meet her in the Q&A below!

Photo by Ryan LawQ&A with Mihaela Law

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? If not the Charlottesville area, what brought you here?

I'm kind of from all husband and I joke that God has called us to be gypsies. But the short version, I was born in Romania, moved to America (Arizona) with my family when I was little, then Ohio, Virginia, and once I was married we left for Texas, Arizona, Texas and now we're back in Virginia! God has taught me so many lessons and shaped the woman I am today with all these changes and moves and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

As a local artisan, describe what you do in town.

I am a mother of a sweet and spunky little (almost) 2 year old which takes up most of my time, as well as my husband and I's photography business. But crafting jewelry is something I do for myself when my little girl sleeps or when I'm alone. I work with new and vintage buttons, metals, leather, and fabrics, getting inspiration from everything and everyone around me. I usually make a piece with a friend in mind, taking into account their style, their personality, and make different variations of it.

It's story time. Talk about your collaboration with Darling Boutique.

I actually happened to hear about Linnea and Megan from a couple of girls on the worship team at Cornerstone Community Church. One Sunday, during the meet and greet part, my husband happened to mention that I make jewelry (he's super supportive and one of my best encouragements) and they connected me with the lovely Darling ladies! I had always loved their style whenever I saw them at church and then went in their boutique and loved their eye for fashion! But to actually sit down with them and chat about life, they really blew me away even more at how genuine and loving they truly are. Dear Darlings in every aspect of their life from what I can see and a true blessing to me to appreciate my craft and want to incorporate it into their amazing space!

Describe Pip's & Co in 10 words or less.

Pip's & Co: Is fresh, hip, and beautiful jewelry uniquely handcrafted.

Where do you go to be creative?

I create in a little corner of my house, that's jam-packed with tools, notebooks full of sketches and patterns, and old vintage tins full of different materials.

When and why did you become an artisan? / How did you get into this business?

Crafting jewelry is something I started doing for myself about 5 years ago, wanting to make jewelry that I couldn't find to buy. I always described my personal style as 'different' and I wanted jewelry to match. So I would be making earrings with my friend while my husband was hanging out with his friends, and eventually I realized that other people liked my jewelry enough to buy it for themselves! And so, Pip's & Co. was born.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I'm working on many different and unique pieces for Vintage Lunchburg's Holiday Sale in Lynchburg that will be happening on November 7th. I'll be incorporating necklaces with leather in fall and winter colors, and button earrings that will make any outfit pop for the holidays.

Where can someone find your products (besides Darling Boutique!)? and