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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


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Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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Owl Ridge Farmstead | Our Darlings

Linnea White

When we met Maggie and Cody Sedelmeyer at Fleaville in July, we couldn't get over how cool they were - seriously. We were immediately drawn to their aesthetic - beautiful handcrafted boho, rustic goods - and their calm confidence in their products. We asked them that very day to come visit the shop and become one of our local artisans. The craftsmanship and authenticity of Owl Ridge Farmstead's products is the perfect pairing to our shop's aesthetic and mission. We've featured them in just a few shoots for the blog (here and here most recently), proving their pieces are versatile and easily styled. Last week, we restocked with more goodies by the Sedelmeyers, including handmade knit scarves in a variety of styles and colors. Come shop Owl Ridge Farmstead at Darling Boutique, and meet the duo in the Q&A below!

Q&A with Cody & Maggie Sedelmeyer

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? If not the Charlottesville area, what brought you here?

Cody and I (Maggie) are originally from North Carolina, and moved here about two years ago. We were drawn here by the beautiful farmland and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was important for us to be able to raise our family in a place where they could explore and appreciate nature. Here in Sedalia, Virginia, we have begun to grow our family, our business, and our farm with the support of community.

Photo by Megan Tiernan

As a local artisan, describe what you do in town.

Having learned a different aspects of our craft from family, we have continued to developed our skills over the past few years. Our goal is to create quality, handmade goods, using more natural materials. We strive to produce products that are fashionable and functional.

It's story time. Talk about your collaboration with Darling Boutique.

We were lucky enough to be located beside these two incredible ladies at Fleaville [in July]. It was our first experience in Charlottesville, and Darling Boutique made us feel quite welcome. It has been a wonderful experience, and such a blessing to be able to share our products with a new community and expand our relationship with fellow Virginians.

Describe Owl Ridge Farmstead in 10 words or less.

Using our farm and homestead as inspiration for our products.

Photo by Megan TiernanWhere do you go to be creative?

Most of our inspiration comes from the need or desire of a certain product in our everyday life. Creativity is inspired by doing farm chores, playing with our kids, or just walking through the fields. Anywhere your mind can stop running and start observing.

What aspects of life excite you, stir your affections, fuel your passions, inspire your art?

Living in a place where you can walk outside and see the shadowing outline of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is incredibly inspiring. It is so incredible to be able to watch our family learn from nature and creature everyday. There is so much beauty around us and it is a wonderful way to stay passionate and motivated to create.

When and why did you become an artisan? / How did you get into this business?

We started about five years ago, producing all natural soap. It was our way of connecting to our dream of a homestead, while working and living in the city. Once we finalized our move, we were allowed much more free time to work on other products and tune our skills.

What are you working on right now?

The biggest project right now is our knitwear line. It is always hard to strike the right balance and predict how much inventory will be needed, since it is such a limited season. However, I am really excited about the styles we have available this year. We will be incorporating two of my favorite mediums, leather and fiber.

Where can someone find your products (other than Darling Boutique)?