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New Year, New You: Juice Cleanse

Linnea White

New Year, New You. Everyone (even you) thinks about jumpstarting the New Year with some form of diet. For some, it's a more serious resolution, a month long - or months long - commitment. For others, it's more of a quick way to jumpstart your health after the sugar-filled holidays are over. And for many (including me), a juice cleanse is the perfect solution. Lucky for me, The Juice Place, a block over on the Downtown Mall here in Charlottesville, has a one-day juice cleanse on the menu. Naturally, a one-day juice cleanse presented the perfect opportunity for a day of style - one look for each juice. So, I cut the coffee (and the breakfast) and dove right in.

This wasn't my first juice cleanse rodeo, or my first time trying out the delicious juices from The Juice Place (TJP), but it was a much needed boost to my healthy lifestyle (and digestive system) after the holidays. When ordering my juices, I selected a wide spectrum of juices to get a variety of benefits in this cleanse, from anti-inflammatory (all the ginger, please) to immune system boosting.

Three big take aways for me from this process:

  1. I have a serious coffee addiction. The headache was REAL.
  2. I didn't prepare by drinking enough water, or drink enough water during the day (hard to do with such a busy day at the shop doing consignment appointments!). I was dehydrated and felt it big time.
  3. These juices are dang delicious. I wish I could have one every day!

Check out the breakfast, lunch, and dinner looks (featuring the pretty juices), and find out more about TJP in the Q&A below!

Juice 1: Wake Me Up Juice

I started out my day with the Wake Me Up juice, a yummy blend of OJ, carrot, and ginger. I loved the strong ginger flavor, and felt invigorated and boosted for the day ahead. Cozy in an outfit featuring activewear pieces from the shop, I picked up my first juice in the morning, and then headed over to open up the shop.

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: lululemon jacket, L, $20 (50% off!) / Old Navy Active leggings, M, $12 / Gap Fit long sleeve top, XS, $14 / Emu Australia boots, 9, $20 / Twelve Little bag, $54 // Locally made Pieces: Free Range & Feral wool knit beanie, $56 / Kitsune’s Closet Iced Coffee Lipstick, $10, and Silver Age nail polish, $7.50

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice 2: V5 Juice

For lunch, I had the V5 juice, a hearty blend of tomato, carrot, celery, lemon, and lime. Think extra delicious (and locally made) V8 juice - except not, because this was way better, and really not much like it at all other than the name. This juice was light and tangy, and I knew it was packed with plenty of goodies to get me through the afternoon. I sipped on this while working at the shop, dresses in my staple lately - boots, jeans, and a cozy sweater.

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Lou & Grey blouse, S, $22 / Rag & Bone jeans, 27, $88 / Frye boots, 9, $140 / Cocogio sweater coat, M, $50 // Locally made Pieces: Free Rane & Feral jasper pendant necklace, $32 / Kitsune’s Closet Mulberry Lipstick, $10, and Storm nail polish, $7.50

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice 3: Green Goodness

The day ended with this amazing blend of kale, spinach, cucumber, and apple. I've had the Green Goodness is smoothie form before from TJP, but never as a juice, and, boy, was it the perfect end to the day. And to make that rich green color pop, I styled a moody black & grey outfit ready for a night out on the mall.

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Secondhand pieces: Free People dress, XS, $70 / Ecote jacket, XS, $38 / Pour la Victorie heels, 9, $78 // Locally made Pieces: Little Paper Crane brass moon necklace, $32 / Free Range & Feral Quartz Cuff, $40 / Dinosaur Toes squiggle ring, $16 / Kitsune’s Closet Mulberry Lipstick, $10, and Storm nail polish, $7.50

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Juice Cleanse | Photography by Tristan Williams

Q&A with The Juice Place

Why do a juice cleanse? Talk about the benefits of the cleanse, and why just one day. Could someone do a cleanse from TJP multiple days in a row? How long is recommended?  

Often when people think of a juice fast or cleanse the word deprivation comes to mind. It's easy to get fixated on the lack of solid food but I like to think of it as more of a feast. Juicing whole fruits and veggies provides the body with a flood of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Three sixteen ounce juices worth of veggies is going to be close to a gallon worth of juice and pounds and pounds of fruits and veggies. Instead of having to break down the fiber of a few carrots at dinner for example, if you were to get a 16oz carrot juice your body would have immediate access to the nutrients of pounds of carrots! A juice fast offers a time where the digestive system can rest and really focus on alkalizing and detoxing the body. Doing a cleanse for just one day is an easy way to make it accessible and affordable for anyone. While you could do multiple days, one day is going to give your body a quick chance to reset and experience the benefits of juicing.

Should I completely abstain from eating during the cleanse? Is it truly a fasting/juice only cleanse? What are the recommendations for the “best results”?

To get the best results from a fast or cleanse it's best to abstain from eating solid foods. This gives your body a chance to focus on absorbing and incorporating the nutrients. I would recommend in addition to juicing making sure you get a lot of water that day. I'd recommend about 2-3 liters. I also find that drinking herbal teas like peppermint or Ginger will help cleanse the digestive system.

Share a little bit about how the cleanse works at The Juice Place, and how someone can easily sign up to do it!

A juice fast from TJP is easy. You just come in and tell us you'd like to do the juice fast and we can guide you from there! It consists of three juices over the course of one day. I find it works best to space them out over the course of the day but we definitely have customers who have doubled up on juice toward the end of the day because of a hectic work schedule! All of our staff, including myself and my co-manager, are friendly and knowledgeable about health foods- so we're happy and able to answer any questions about s certain direction a customer would like their fast to go in(perhaps a focus on immune boosting or anti-inflammation). All of the juices are made to order right in front of you so it's easy to customize. Signing up is as simple as coming by and committing to a day of doing great things for your body! The best results are going to be followed by clean eating, think less processed foods, more while fruits vegetables and lean proteins and little to no added sugars. But all changes start small and any step towards healthier eating is a good step!

Talk about what The Juice Place offers, and why it’s a unique juice spot, especially for the Downtown Mall audience. 

The downtown mall is a hub for food and coffee but one thing it didn't have was a juice bar. Our owners, the same father son pair who own the Market Street Market, were committed to bringing customers a fresh, quality product that they would be proud serving. All of our juices are served made to order to provide opportunities for customization and to ensure you're getting the most nutrients possible. Our smoothies, almost all of which are vegan, dairy and gluten free, have no added sugar or ice and are made with organic frozen fruit to make them thick and cold. We also specialize in providing hot vegetarian lunches, like rice bowls and paninis, which are both quick and healthy.

What’s the most popular juice or smoothie at TJP? Any new offerings for this Winter season?

The most popular smoothie at TJP is probably the Pink and Easy- it's a blend of strawberry, banana, raspberry, almond milk and hemp hearts. It's a creamy, nutty take on the classic strawberry banana full of plant-based omega-3s and protein from the hemp hearts (which are gluten free). We run specials twice a month and during December offered a Peppermint Cacao smoothie to get everyone in that seasonal spirit. Stay tuned for more specials come January!

It’s the cold season. How can regular juicing help combat the Winter season and keep your immune system game strong? 

Juice is such a great way to deliver a huge immune boost to your system! So many fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin c and other vitamins which will aid in immune support. Our Corpse Reviver shot has been a very popular item this winter and is made with fresh pressed orange and ginger juice, reishi extract (a mushroom extract known to help immune support), and oil of oregano (a powerful, natural antibacterial). There are many studies on how regular juicing can help better your circulation, skin and bone health, immune system, weight loss, and fight inflammation. When it's cold outside and you feel a cold coming on or even if you just want to prevent that cold from coming in the first place, fruits and vegetables are going to give the body the nutrients it needs to be stronger and healthier!


Styled & Modeled by Linnea White, Shop Owner // Photography by Tristan Williams

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