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Darling is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods, with new arrivals every week.


The Darling Blog

Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style

Linnea White


It's my favorite weekend of the year! Or one of them. Top 5. For sure. I love The Virginia Film Festival, and have attended every year since I was a 4th year student at UVa - 8 years in a row! I recently styled a wild and warm outfit for the weekend's festivities, showing a little Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style for film-hopping and shop-girling.

My VFF Picks

I always try to see as many films as possible when the Virginia Film Festival arrives, and this year, they do not disappoint with an incredible line-up for their 30th Anniversary festival. It's so hard to pick! But here is my list of films I'll be seeing this weekend.

What films are you seeing this weekend, darlings?

Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style | Get Wild (and Warm)

First of all, the teddy (or pile) coat trend makes my heart super happy. I found this gem at T.J. Maxx recently for under $30! And it's the most huggable coat ever. People just want to touch me and hug me when I wear it. It's not me. It's the coat. Just look at it.

Besides the incredible coat, my outfit inspiration came from my "Where the Wild Things Are" tee I recently acquired at the shop. It quickly became a new fav, and has inspired me to get wild with my style. I layered started with my favorite pair of high-waisted black jeans (Free People, scored at Darling last year) and the graphic tee, and went from there, adding to the base a pair of OTK boots (another incredible new score from the shop) and my tried-and-true leather jacket from Anthropologie a while back. Oh, and of course my seeing goggles, because I can't see a movie without them. I'll also look very intellectual during the festival due to my poor vision, which is an added bonus.

I threw the teddy coat over the leather jacket ensemble, and I had a perfectly warm and wild outfit for the festival weekend.

Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

OUTFIT DETAILS | Linnea's Darling finds :: "Where the Wild Things Are" tee, Junk Food Clothing / Free People black jeans / OTK boots, Charlotte Russe / Vintage Coach bag / Emily Warden Designs geo stud earrings / Dinosaur Toes ring & Made by Bees stacking rings // Other pieces from Linnea's closet :: Anthropologie vegan leather jacket / Sanctuary Clothing teddy coat, via T.J. Maxx

Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Virginia Film Festival Shop Girl Style | Photo by Tristan Williams

Shop Girl Style: Pretty in Pink OOTD

Linnea White

So I should've posted this on National Pink Day a few Friday's ago, but I wasn't that with it, or that cool. However, this Shop Girl Style outfit deserves to be posted anyways, because you can have a Pretty in Pink OOTD any day.

Tristan came in to do a shoot one Saturday a few weeks back, and we just had to capture this #ootd. I love showing my #darlingfinds with my Shop Girl Style, and this was no different. Except it did include some recent non-darling finds - shocker, I know! I almost ALWAYS shop at my store, but everyone once in a while, I make an exception. And when I saw this pink top go on sale on Anthropologie's website, I snagged it. I don't wear pink often, and have never considered myself a pink girl, but pink is HOT this season, so hot it even got a new name - millennial pink. And so are ruffles. And this top has both. I'd call that a win.

Retro white sunglasses are in this Summer, too, and I searched for the right pair for my face shape. This pair from Urban Outfitters, the Edie Retro, were under $20 and are just perfect. They're my new fav for the Summer days ahead.

What are your favorite Summer trends right now, darlings? 

Shop Girl Style: The Everyday Jumpsuit

Linnea White

I've been talking about my shop girl style lately, because I'm basically a living, breathing walking and talking version of Darling. I love to wear my #darlingfinds, and not only shop (almost) solely at the shop, but I also regularly consign clothing from my closet - in with the new and out with the no-longer-wearables-or-want-t0-wearables. And right now, I'm obsessed with the everyday jumpsuit.

Even though this jumpsuit isn't from the shop (cue shock and horror!), when I wore it the first time at the shop one Saturday, I had over 20 people ask me about it. I think J. Crew owes me a gift card or something, because I can guarantee I got them a few sales on this bad boy from wearing it around my shop.

In addition to my jumpsuit obsession (I can't stop, won't stop), I have a Lotta's addiction, which we've touched on before. They're my go-to shop girl shoes, and this pair is probably my most loved pair - a.k.a. very, very worn. But I love these clogs, and wear them with a wild variety of outfits, including jumpsuits. Always jumpsuits.

And when a jumpsuit just isn't enough fun for one day, add a pair of pom earrings - maybe my favorite trend this season. Why? Because they are so joyful, and literally make any outfit a party.

So get yourself some party pants and party earrings, ladies. Because everyday pieces should be all the way fun.

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Darling Finds: Loft moto jacket / Kitsune's Closet Be Smoaked lipstick // From Linnea’s Closet: Lotta from Stockholm clogs / J. Crew jumpsuit and pom earrings / Asos necklace / Elaine B Jewelry rings, bangles, & stud earrings / Judith Bright stacking rings

Photography by Tristan Williams

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

The Everyday Jumpsuit | Photo by Tristan Williams

Shop Girl Style: Evolving Style & Rotating Closet

Linnea White

When you get an amazing jacket for $4, your life changes forever. Okay, maybe not your WHOLE life, but for that moment, you're pretty proud of yourself. At least if you're a consignment shopper like this shop girl. Since becoming the owner of a consignment shop, my personal style has evolved - constantly and cyclically. My combined passion for sustainable fashion and affordable style breeds a healthy (I think) obsession with an evolving style & rotating closet kinda life.

Over the past year alone, my personal style has evolved, transformed, and, almost weekly, rotated. I dress by mood most days, and I go through phases with certain colors, silhouettes, or clothing items. I've also had a considerable body transformation over the past two years that's allowed me to really sweep my closet of ill-fitting garments I no longer want to wear or can't wear anymore.

Through my style evolution, one thing is a constant - and that's comfort. I have to be comfortable at the shop, working long 8-10 hour days, and on my feet most of the time. That's where my Lotta's come in. This ain't no sponsored post. This is the real deal love for an item of clothing that changed your life, and that's my clogs. Two years ago when I bought the store, I bought two pairs of Lotta clogs, and they have been my staple shop girl shoe. Who knew a wooden clog could be so comfortable?!

But comfort doesn't mean sacrificing style, and I swear my hair transformation this year has emboldened me to be more eclectic than I think I've ever been. Learning to be smart with proportions and color palettes, textures and patterns, has been an adventure for me. And I hope to keep improving and learning so I can become the stylist I dream of being not just for myself, but for all the darlings out there.

Evolving Style & Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

On Linnea | Darling Finds: Anthropologie midi skirt / Mock neck crop top // From Linnea’s Closet: Lotta from Stockholm clogs / Fringe kimono style jacket ($4, from Plato's Closet!!!) / Thrifted aztec necklace / Elaine B Jewelry rings & earrings / Judith Bright stacking rings

Photography by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style & Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Evolving Style Rotating Closet | Photo by Tristan Williams

Darling Intern: Meet Savannah

Linnea White


Yesterday, we talked about shop owner and OG Darling gal Linnea's shop girl style. Today, we're introducing our new Darling intern, Savannah, and featuring her insanely adorable shop girl style. This gal is a silk neck tie queen, y'all. We have lots to learn from this darling fashionista. Find out more about Sav and her personal style in this fun interview, and meet her around the shop this Spring!

Darling Intern | Photo by Tristan WilliamsMeet Sav


Monroe, NC


Lynchburg, VA

Describe yourself in 5 syllables or less:


What’s your favorite #darlingfind?

My “Be Brave Darling” necklace by: Onastazia Designs. Also waiting on the perfect lady to bring those western ankle boots my way. ;)

What’s your style super power?

Tying a silk scarf in 10 seconds flat. 

What’s your shopping weakness?

J.Crew Warehouse sales FOR SURE. Can’t stay away.

Name one go-to clothing item or accessory.

My navy leather jacket. It is an easy way to spice up any outfit, no hassle required. 

What Spring style trends are you stoked about this year?

Frayed denim skirts and all the dusty pinks!! 


Be bold and just go for it. 

Fashion tips/tricks? 

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and colors. The more layers and dimension added to an outfit the better! 

Darling Intern | Photo by Tristan Williams

If I gave you $10 to buy yourself a treat in Cville, how would you spend it? 

I would save it until October and buy a piece of Pumpkin Pie from The Pie Chest

Song(s) Currently On Repeat?

"Here You Come Again" by Dolly Parton and "Clarity" by Leftover Cuties 

Currently Watching: TV/Netflix/Hulu. Go. 

Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order 

You won a ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going and why?

Grand Cayman. It’s one of the prettiest and most peaceful places I’ve been. I love the people and all the island vibes. 

Favorite quote?

“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” - Ruth Lindsey

Darling Intern | Photo by Tristan Williams