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Welcome to The Darling Blog, a life and style blog by the owner of Darling Boutique, Linnea White. Darling is passionate about empowering women and inspiring strength through fashion to restore dignity and true beauty. Enjoy outfit inspiration and style tips, featured #darlingfinds, local collaborations, and so much more. Live the Darling lifestyle - an altogether beautiful life.

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How to Style the Puffer Jacket

Linnea White


Let's face it - when it's below freezing, icy wind is blowing, and snow is falling, the puffer jacket is donned and the Michelin Man sightings begin. Do not fret, darlings. There is plenty of great style inspiration out there to help get us through the Winter cold with all our fingers and toes intact and still lookin' totes fetch. These nylon/down marshmallow coats are often the subject of love/hate debates. Although they may not be the most stylish outerwear piece, they are certainly the most practical in the elements. Stay warm and stay stylish by copying some of these outfits we've rounded up!

How to Style the Puffer Jacket

Belt It/Cinch It

Try a figure flattering dark palette and proportion-balancing slim bottoms to keep this puffy look stylish. A belted jacket or cinched waist is a definite plus.

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Crop It

A cropped, fitted style will show your waistline and keep you from being swallowed up in a ball of down.

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Chunky Layers

Wear a chunky, high-neck sweater under your puffer for a little added warmth, and removing the need to zip the jacket (at least when it's not full on blizzard-ing).

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Fur Makes All Things Better

Sure, the fur lined hood can be a fun Eskimo look. But what about adding a big, oversize fur shawl collar, snood, or scarf to the mix? Play it up. Layer a fur vest under your puffer. Add some drama to the look, and extra warmth!

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Keep it Sporty

Distressed denim, lace up boots or sneakers, a beanie - athletic, sporty chic style keeps the puffer casual-cool.

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Accessories that POP

Add some fun (maybe even neon) accessories to the mix. After all, you're wearing a puffy marshmallow jacket and it's snowing outside. Be a kid again - dress it up and add some whimsy!

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest

The Fashion Girl

The Fashion Girl Drape: It's a thing, albeit a completely impractical thing for the everyday gal. However, to achieve the look in the Winter, layer a sweater and/or moto-style jacket under your puffer for extra warmth. If you're feeling like a fashionista.

Puffer Jacket | Image via Pinterest


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Darling, You've Got Style: How to Rock a Top Knot

Linnea White


The blonde Darling duo loves to rock a topknot, a bun, a throw-it-up-and-go hairstyle that works for our day-to-day routines of shop life, teaching barre, and all the things. Whether long hair or short hair, half-up or full bun, classically neat or tousled, the topknot is one of the season's hottest hairstyles. Not sure how to make it work? Get inspired, darlings.

All images via Pinterest (so also check out Pinterest).

The Messy TopKnot

AKA The Bedhead Bun. The messier the better. No twisting or fancy technique here. Just find a way that works for your hair to throw it up with an elastic and look fab.

The Ballerina Bun

You can’t go wrong with the classic ballerina bun. Place is high on the crown of your head (for ultimate chic-ness). For longer hair (for ultimate twist magic). Start with a high, tight pony tail. Brush it out and tighten the elastic. Twist the ponytail around and around into a bun, fastening with pins. Keep it neat, or add light texture.

The Knotted, Twisted TopKnot

With high texture and high knot-titude, this look is a straight off the runways. Pull your hair into a pony tail on the top (back half) of your head. For medium to short hair, section your hair into two pieces and twist each section, crossing over and overlaying the sections for extra knotted goodness (think sculpting height versus a flat circle). For long hair, section your hair into four pieces, twist each piece, and cross the pieces together two at a time for extreme volume knot-titude (think a messy, knotted braid). Wrap with an elastic to hold (pins, too, if needed). Use a brush to tousle and add flyaways as desired.

Photo by Megan Tiernan

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.17.48 PM

The Half-Up Topknot

More casual and great for shorter hair styles. This half-up, half-down look can still have plenty of fashion knot-titude. For shorter hair, separate your hair higher on the crown of your head, leaving some above your ears. For longer hair, separate your hair by the ears. Twist the top half of hair into a topknot and fasten with an elastic. Simply! Tousle, texturize, curl, or straighten as desired.

Darling, You've Got Style: Fall 2015 Color Report

Linnea White


It's here! The first day of Fall is next week - September 23. (Woohoo!) When the heat of summer begins to break, we embrace the refreshing crispness in the air, the cool breeze and earthy smells of harvest season. Pull out your sweaters and scarves, darlings. It's layering time. Pantone’s Fall 2015 Color Report is an "evolving color landscape," a whimsical world of earthy neutrals and bold, playful colors, melding together in a timeless dance.

The store is nesting with tons of new Fall items, including Pantone’s Fall 2015 Colors… so come shop for Fall at Darling!


As mentioned in the Spring 2015 Color Report, Marsala is the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year -  a “naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.” The earthy warmth of Marsala blends seamlessly with the naturally inspired colors of this season's color report, from rooted neutrals like Dried Herb, Oak Buff, Desert Sage, Reflecting Pond, and Stormy Weather to bright pops of color like Biscay Bay, Cadmium Orange, Cashmere Rose, and Amethyst Orchid.

"Juxtaposition of color from opposite sides of the spectrum emphasizes poise and confidence on the runway. The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette." - Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

How will you wear Pantone colors this fall?


Dried Herb | "Closely related to nature, Dried Herb is an organic shade redolent of nature's earthy fragrances."

Dried Herb

Desert Sage | "A cool and soothing greenish gray, Desert Sage is the ideal neutral."

Desert Sage

Stormy Weather | "Reminiscent of the sky on a gray, overcast day, Stormy Weather is dependable, cool and above all, constant."

Storym Weather

Oak Buff | "Another one of nature's illustrious shades, the golden yellow Oak Buff acts to nurture and comfort."

Oak Buff

Marsala | "Interesting on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, Marsala is a winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir faire."


Biscay Bay | "A lush and elegant teal, Biscay Bay splashes up against more heated tones with its cool touch."

Biscay Bay

Reflecting Pond | "Thoughtful, contemplative and composed, Reflecting Pond is a cooling blue with a lot of depth."

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Cadmium Orange | "Both playful and sophisticated in its appeal, Cadmium Orange is a warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic orange shade that is striking enough to stand on its own or act as a bold contrast."

Cadmium Orange

Cashmere Rose | "A play on the '60s with a twist of today, Cashmere Rose is a tactile and soft pink hue that renders exactly what it promises."

Cashmere Rose

Amethyst Orchid | "Indicative of our affection for color, Amethyst Orchid is the jewel in the crown."

Amethyst Orchid

Darling, You’ve Got Style is a style tips and tricks series on the blog. Learn fun ways to pattern play and color combine. Get answers to those pesky questions about booties and belts and bra straps.

Got style woes and seeking some answers? Ask us! Leave a comment below to suggest future style posts. We’ll read your submissions and add them to our list!

Darling, You've Got Style: The Crop Top

Linnea White


I'm obsessed with crop tops and high waisted bottoms this year. So obsessed I'm finding ways to tie up tops that aren't crop tops to make them crops tops so I can wear them over pretty much anything. My obsession has at least taught me how women of all shapes and sizes can wear a crop top to flatter their figure. The key: accentuate your smallest part - your natural waist - and know how to work proportions on the bottom for your body type.


Here are a few style tips to show how you can wear crop tops, no matter what body type you have.


This body type is crop top gold. Try shorter crop tops and mid-rise bottoms to show off your small waist. Keep the top fitted, and play up your curves with fuller shapes on the bottom.


From top and bottom curves to pear-shaped ladies, those with curves can and should learn the magic of the right proportions for a crop top. Make sure the top hits at the vertical center of your ribcage for ample waist definition and pair it with a fitted bottom, i.e. the pencil skirt.


Ladies of all shapes and sizes can rock a crop top. It's true! Knowing fit and proportion is key. Maximize proportions by pairing a fitted crop top (especially with long-sleeves) with a full bottom (especially a midi skirt).


Small frames are ideal for voluminous crop tops - think boxy cuts, structured shoulders, bold shapes, interesting hemlines. Just remember to pair the volume on top with a sleek, ideally high-waisted, bottom, like a pencil skirt or long pants, giving you the appearance of looking much taller.

Tall and Slender

Tall, slender gals should choose a crop top that falls at your natural waist and wear a waistline that hits slightly below - leaving a few inches of mid-drift exposed, perfectly highlighting your thin frame. Think Taylor Swift. (Duh.)


Fit, athletic builds benefit from a sporty look that allows for ample ab-show-off-ing. Think sports bra length crop tops with a loose-fitting bottom. Just keep it classy, ladies.

+ More Crop Top Outfit Inspriration

19 Ways to Wear Crop Tops Her Campus

All Images via Pinterest

Darling, You've Got Style: Pattern Play

Linnea White


Mixing patterns is fun. Seriously. It's whimsical, daring, playful, bold, exciting, and accessible. You have definitely seen us mixing patterns in our outfits on the blog and in the store. It may seem daunting to pull off pattern play like a fashionista, but you can rock this look by following just a few easy tips. With a little practice and confidence, mixing and matching patterns can and should be an exciting closet adventure.

1. Match the colors, not the prints.

This is a great tip for beginners. The easiest way to begin mixing prints is to simply replace your solid colored top with a monochromatic pattern in that same color. Stripes are a great base to play with (see the next tip for more).

While there are basic guidelines to color-matching, and it often comes down to personal preference. Standard rule: if the colors look good together, there's a good chance the patterns will look good together, too. Start with black and white patterns, and add a pop of color for a fun accent.

2. The simpler and more graphic the prints, the easier they are to mix.

Stripes can and should be treated as a neutral when mixing patterns. Graphic prints go great with each other and paired with a more detailed print like florals or animal prints.

3. Spread your prints out across your outfit.

To keep your outfit from getting too busy, you can distribute your prints more evenly by doing one on the top and one on the bottom. Or one in a piece of clothing and one in your accessories. (P.S. Leopard goes with everything.)

4. Break up the look with solids.

If a total print-on-print look is too much, try breaking up the prints with solids, and use accessories - belts, purses, shoes - to ground your look.

5. Add a third pattern for an advanced look.

This is for those daring and advanced pattern players. After you've mastered coordinating two patterns with one color, try adding a third (or fourth) pattern into the mix. The easiest way to add a third pattern is by adding a monochromatic or neutral pattern - think stripes, polka dots, or gingham.

Don't forget to mix up print sizes and match colors, not prints!

Happy pattern playing, Darlings! Questions? Leave them in the comments!