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9 Ways to Wear the Silk Scarf

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9 Ways to Wear the Silk Scarf

Linnea White

A classic silk scarf is just that - classic. This timeless accessory can add a distinguished polish or a dose of cool to just about any look. But it's all in the styling. Learn a few tricks to master the many ways to wear the silk scarf like a savvy sartorial expert.

When these vintage Hermès scarves came into the shop, we HAD to play dress up with them and take all the pretty pictures of them - and with them. With just 24 hours on the floor, we only have 5 left! Stop in to shop these classic designer beauties, or contact us to find out more about price and shipping.

With 9 Hermès arrivals, we came up with 9 ways to wear the silk scarf!

9 Ways to Wear the Silk Scarf

The Wrist Wrap | Fold your scarf diagonally at your desired width, wrap twice-three times around your wrist, and secure in a knot.

The Belt | Fold your scarf into a triangle, begin folding the scarf into the center, twist it several times, and tie it around your waist over a dress or through belt loops for a playful take on a belt. 

The Cold Shoulder | Roll your scarf diagonally, wrap once around your neck with the ends facing back, loop and tie loosely on one side.

Photography by Tiffany Sun for Darling Boutique

Photography by Tiffany Sun for Darling Boutique

The Cowgirl | Fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap once around the neck and tie in front. 

The Bowtie | Roll your scarf diagonally, and tie into a bow.

The Bunny Ears | With the scarf rolled to your desired width, tie into a knot at the crown of your head.

The Bandana | Fold your scarf into a triangle, begin folding the corner edge into the center, twist several time, wrap around your neck ends in the front, tie into a knot around the neck in desired tightness, and let the ends hang off to the side.

The Borrowed-From-The-Boys | Start with a diagonally rolled scarf, each end should be equal length when draped in front. Take the right side and wrap over the left side, then under, and over again. Pull the right side up towards your chin, then tuck under the fold.

The Turban Wrap | Start with the scarf at the back of your neck, twist the ends two times across the crown of your head, then secure in a knot at the back of your head, or in the front sides of the scarf as desired.

More How to Resources

There are endless videos of how to tie scarves on the interwebs, so we won't pretend to put them all here or even try... but we do want you to know that the Hermès website has several videos to teach you the mastery of scarf-tying. So check it out - especially if you snagged one of these gems at #darlingcville!

Just remember to have FUN with this sartorial classic! Get creative and play dress up!

Styled & Modeled by shop owner, Linnea White // Photography by Tiffany Sun