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Ayurvedic Facial Oils - Kapha

Nourishing yet lightweight moisture for soft, glowing skin no matter your skin type. Each of the three formulas absorbs quickly and balances your unique skin type. Minimizes signs of aging, reduces breakouts, balances your skin's natural oil production, evens out your complexion, and much more.

Also an excellent moisturizer to complement your lymphatic drainage routine (dry brushing, manual lymphatic massage, Gua Sha, or gemstone rolling)


Each of the 3 formulas has special properties and benefits:

  • Our Vata formula banishes dry and dull skin, smooths fine lines & wrinkles, fades hyperpigmentation, promotes microcirculation, and calms reactivity.
  • Our Pitta formula reduces inflammation, treats and prevents acne, regulates  oils, soothes redness and irritation, and calms reactivity.
  • Our Kapha formula stimulates circulation, treats and prevents cystic acne, reduces puffiness, combats clogged pores, and regulates oils.


Before Toner and/or Hydrating Gel have absorbed, apply 4-8 drops in palm, rub hands together, then apply to face and neck.

To use with dry brushing: Apply 4-8 drops to face and neck before you dry brush.

To use with manual lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, or gemstone rollers: Apply 8+ drops to face and neck to lubricate the skin for your hands and/or the tool you're using.

Vata - rosehip oil*apricot kernel oil*black cumin seed oil*safflower oil*carrot seed oil*gotu kola extract, sweet fennel essential oilcinnamon leaf essential oilvetiver essential oilbasil essential oil

Pitta - raspberry seed oilpomegranate seed oil*jojoba oil*black cumin seed oil*evening primrose oil*turmeric extract, sweet fennel essential oilvetiver essential oillemongrass essential oilpeppermint essential oil

Kapha - pomegranate seed oil*raspberry seed oilsafflower oil*black cumin seed oil*apricot kernel oil*myrrh extractbasil essential oilcinnamon leaf essential oillemongrass essential oilginger essential oil

*certified organic

This is the most up-to-date ingredient list and may differ from product packaging.