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Emerald Green Flower Hoops

Polymer clay earrings, stainless steal & hypoallergenic ear posts

Our earrings are lightweight for effortless all day wear. Which makes it great for those with sensitive ears. The backings are sealed with liquid clay.

Handmade, unique, and sure to stand out!

Caring for your earrings:

• Store in a clean, dry area.

• Oil’s and dyes should be avoided at all costs as they may stain them.

• Dropping or bending could cause a break, so please treat them with love!

• If pieces become dirty, wipe with a damp cloth or for deeper stains, use rubbing alcohol or acetone-based nail varnish remover.

*Please note: That these earrings are handmade and unique, which means each pair/design may vary from the photos shown.